Thursday, August 13, 2009

United States- Shop Until you Drop!

Dress: $13
If you live in United States or are thinking of visiting soon, the shop I would recommend to visit is Forever 21. A while ago, I bought many things there at an extremely cheap price and that were very in style. My friends from my country always ask me where I buy such amazing things and my answer is Forever 21. I recommend entering the 'Fabulous Finds' section. It also has an online website: where you can buy anything you can ever imagine (dresses, sweaters, shirts, high heels, jeans, shorts, skirts, earrings, bracelets..etc). There is delivery to your house when you shop online... It's the most amazing place I've seen for teens in years!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Europe's Fabulous Clothes!

While in Europe, there are many funky and stylish clothes that you stop and see walking on the streets... but only very few of them are cheap!!
One shop that is highly recommended there is 'PULL AND BEAR'... it offers reasonable prices for clothes that are every teenager's desire!! The shop is known to be an 'Abercrombie', using the same style, colors and shape. The pictures above are examples of their clothes...It's one of the most visited shops in Europe. If you're doubting on what present to buy your neice, daughter or grand daughter, here's where you'll find the perfect clothes. It's also extremely practical because you can deliver the clothes to your house by entering their website:, and shopping online!!
Every teenagers dream!