Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Europe's Fabulous Clothes!

While in Europe, there are many funky and stylish clothes that you stop and see walking on the streets... but only very few of them are cheap!!
One shop that is highly recommended there is 'PULL AND BEAR'... it offers reasonable prices for clothes that are every teenager's desire!! The shop is known to be an 'Abercrombie', using the same style, colors and shape. The pictures above are examples of their clothes...It's one of the most visited shops in Europe. If you're doubting on what present to buy your neice, daughter or grand daughter, here's where you'll find the perfect clothes. It's also extremely practical because you can deliver the clothes to your house by entering their website: www.pullbear.com, and shopping online!!
Every teenagers dream!


Hilaryshopper121 said...

Dear INSTYLE AND CHEAP your title is extremely certain!!! I'm becoming a total fan of this website even though it has just started!!... I see a good future in this site. I followed the instructions and starting shopping online for my grand daughter... lets hope she likes the clothes.
Thank you for solving my problem,

Anonymous said...

great tip ! is it spain that you shopped ??? let me know if you have some thoughts in latin american countries ...... cheers bobby

Anonymous said...

Whata great site! I live in Argentina and would be delighted to buy these clothes for my granddaughter, but Argenina is such a complicated country you never know whethe the clothes will be stolen at the "aduana" and what if Belisaria (my granddaughter) doesn't like the clothes.How do we exchange them?
Anyhow congratulations for the site!!

Maria said...

Dear Bobby and Anonymus:
I do have other shops for latin american clothes. Later I will post some pictures.
And as for Belisaria, I'm sure she will return them if she ever visits Europe. Thank you for the nice comments,

felisa said...

I love this site!!!! The earrings are just great and everything else as well.
I'm sure you'll have lots of clients!

Gourmet Traveller said...

Fantastic site! How about posting some photos on ALL the fun stuff you got in Spain? I'd love to see how they look.

Gourmet Traveller